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UTC students build Santa’s sleigh

Students from WMG Academy Solihull have helped create a magical Christmas sleigh for their local community.

The team have spent more than a year creating the vehicle, to transport Santa around the streets of Solihull, raising money for charity.

The sleigh – which was converted from the chassis of an old caravan – was handed over to Marston Green & District Lions Club on Monday 9th December. They are currently touring the streets with Santa in the sleigh, delighting young children and helping good causes at the same time.

Harrison Green, 16, a student at WMG Academy, said: “It’s going to bring joy and a sense of Christmas spirit and magic to the community.

“We’ve worked on it for a long time and it’s great to see it finally being put to good use and that the Lions are very happy with it.”

Fellow student Seren Baxter, 15, said: “It’s a privilege to see the sleigh go out on the streets and it makes me feel good that it’s going to a good cause.”

The sleigh was built using the chassis of an old caravan which was bought from an auction site, dismantled and rebuilt as a sleigh in WMG Academy’s state-of-the-art engineering hall. It has fairy lights and speakers, as well as storage space and padded seats.

The Lions Club’s old sleigh was 40 years old. Simon Moss, the club’s Community Chair, said: “The students at WMG Academy have done a fantastic job on the new sleigh. We needed a new one and this one is excellent.”

Lions Club President Matthew McNally said: “Santa will be able to travel around in comfort. The students at WMG Academy have done brilliantly and they’ve even added lights so Santa will be lit up.”

The timetable for the sleigh route can be found at

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