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Student destinations into ‘hard to fill’ areas of the economy.

Combining university starts with known higher apprenticeship starts provides an aggregate figure for all UTC leavers who progressed to a ‘higher’ destination: 67% of Y13 UTC leavers, compared with 51.2% nationally.

In 2021, 55% of Y13 UTC leavers started higher education at university, compared with 50% nationally. 19% started apprenticeships, compared with 6% nationally.

Where the level of apprenticeship was indicated, higher starts (Level 4+) accounted for more than half (63%) of all UTC leaver apprenticeship destinations, 3x the national average.

STEM subjects continue to prove popular with UTC students, with 70% of those entering university starting a course related to Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (where a preference was indicated). Nationally, 42% students take a STEM-related course at university.

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